HostIndia Events caters to the needs of its Corporate clients' and MNC Brands from IT, Media, Healthcare, Heavy Machinery, FMCG, Durables and Trade Promotion Organisations with end to end solutions for their Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Activations, Database-d Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) etc. HostIndia Events help their Clients' reach out to their target customers, partners, users and employees with the right message at the right time for the right kind of impact.
Our Services Spectrum             

HostIndia Events works from Initial Ideation to an Impactful Implementation of an Event or Integrated Marketing Campaign. These campaigns and events in turn help the entire spectrum of an Organisation’s Goals or Marketing Objectives of a Corporate OR a Brand as in,

  • Entering a New Market or Launching New product or Service
  • Reaching out to Target Customers, Business Partners for Creating Awareness & Promoting the brand;
  • Generating Leads/Demands from the prospects
  • Acquiring New Customers or Customer retention
  • Educational & Training programs
  • Rewarding, Recognising and Celebrating when various business goals are achieved