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Texas Instruments MCU Design Contest 2014

This contest was aimed at inspiring and challenging top design engineers across the country, to demonstrate their skills and innovation to drive the future of electronics. This contest enabled the participants to win prizes worth 4 Lakhs and provided opportunities for showcasing their designs to potential investors. The three-phased contest involved contestants developing designs incorporating TI controllers.

The contest was divided in 3 phases

Phase 1 – Contestants were asked to plan a project using TI Microcontrollers and submit the papers online within the stipulated time period.

Phase 2 – 50 out of 300+ papers were selected. Post selection the 50 teams were asked to submit a video of their working project with an introduction.

Phase 3/Finals – Out of 50 shortlisted teams 10 teams were selected to the final round to compete amongst themselves at the national finals of the competition.

HostIndia Events Managed this contest end to end. We designed communication, e-DMs, online registration pages to begin with and the team promoted the event with help of quality database and aggressive Tele & email campaigns. HostIndia Events relentless effort helped manage 500+ participants for Phase – 1. HostIndia Events rigorously continued its campaign and followed up to phase-2 & 3 and manged the events logistics at the grand Finals.

TI MCU Design Challenge was not just a successful event but one of the most satisfying event for the HostIndia team as well.

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