Posted on : 08/05/2018
Category: Events & Conference

Aren’t visitors bored with the same Octonorm booths, similar rectangle brandings & buntings and similar registration set up in every exhibition that they visit across the world?

Don’t we get enough opportunities to innovate and ideate newer things in the market space that is so cluttered with so many similar looking exhibitions? Why not create shell booth of different style and make? Why should the brandings be rectangle or square in shape? Why should there be buntings dropping down in every expo?

Anchor Now, these questions should help us in the Exhibition and Tradeshow Management business in India to introspect and act. In smaller and niche exhibitions there is more scope for the Exhibition Managers to re-invent themselves. There are 100s of Niche small exhibitions that require less than 100 shell scheme booths. Here is the scope to go for non Octonorm booths and go for new creations to satisfy one’s creative urge.

Design & Create new-style booths wherever possible:

Do away with regular Octonorm booths in shows that are smaller and that are not logistical nightmares. Do away with Octonorm booths atleast at your registration counters. Design and Create booths and registration counters that are fresh designs and user friendly

Do away with regular style of rectangle brandings & buntings in Exhibitions:

Exhibition brandings need not be those Typical Entry Arches, Rectangular Banners and Drop down buntings. There are more shapes & sizes that are available in this world. There are Squares, Cubes, Globes and triangles too!

Add newer elements in your show to engage and entertain the visitors:

You can add as many zones and elements as you can. Central Display Zone, New Product Zone, Gaming zones, Lounges, Music zones, Entertainments, Quizzing, Video bytes, Selfie Zones and the sky is the limit. Provide people and even your exhibitors Golf carts, Bicycles, Electric Bikes to travel from one point to other.

Make your Exhibitors happy too!

A warm Send-off for Exhibitors by the Organising team with a message –See you in the next edition may be a good idea. Return gifts, chocolates, celebrating birthdays if any during the show can be a memorable experience for the Exhibitor. Exhibitor happy when visitors throng their booths. Create visitor engagement zones in every hall and ensure that the visitors do not miss any part of the booth.

We at HostIndia Events conceptualised, designed and created Shell scheme booths recently for a niche B2B Denims exhibition in India. It was the first India edition of the Exhibition erstwhile held in Vietnam and Dhaka. The Event had about 100 booths with many large brands participating in it.

Shell scheme booths were designed and created using MS channels, Mesh like Fabric and MDF panel walls. The booths also had New style Facia, in built hangars for the Denims Display, Shelves, Large tables that were designed and produced as well. Lighting requirements for such events are 10 times higher when compared with the regular exhibitions. A Designer Trend wall that displayed all the new trends in Denims was the highlight of the event. There were a few new look brandings and signages as well.



(Shell Scheme Booths Designed & Created using MS Channels, MDF and Fabric being set up Onsite. Large unconventional Tables)