Posted on : 16/01/2018
Category: Exhibitions & Trade Show Special

Events & Integrated marketing agencies of today are better placed to take initiatives to bring about those essential changes in the society. This is because these agencies are campaign specialists and have Digital Marketing and Social Media knowhow in-house. Cause initiatives ideally require extensive publicity through social media.

Imagine a Brand helping to resolve Traffic Jams in your city by educating the public with the help Videos, Memes or empowering and educating women to file police complaints in case of atrocities and crime. Buy Two and get 15% off is a much out dated idea, whereas Donate your old shoes to an orphanage and get 15% discount on your new pair of shoes may certainly be a good Cause Marketing idea that you can sell to your client.

Find a Cause that Your Client and his customers care about. It can create magic for the business. As part of the day to business Events & Integrated Marketing agencies should be able to sell the idea of Cause marketing and CSR projects to corporates and brands. Cause marketing is a campaign to help a cause or not for profit body but carried out by a For Profit body. In India for one to carry out Cause Marketing there are umpteen opportunities. We at HostIndia Events helped corporate hospital brands to carry out an extensive neighbour care programs in the vicinity. Conducting Lectures by Specialist Doctors in the neighbourhood RWA on “How to survive in a polluted atmosphere?” can be an instant hit in the neighbourhood. Your corporate clients should be able to fund campaigns such as awareness of AIDS & DENGUE or awareness of Health and Hygiene for adolescent girls in Schools or Awareness on Voting in Elections and the likes.

We at HostIndia Events worked along with Lions Clubs International to set up libraries in rural schools. Samarpan, a not for profit entity of Infosys employees takes up these initiatives in a large scale.

A brand that shows interest in a cause which is actually causing serious concerns in the society will certainly be respected and trusted by its customers. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship and the same extends to successful business relationships.