Creative Direct Mailers and Corporate Gifts

It is not just those big innovations that can revolutionise an industry that is important in a business. Innovative Ideas come in various shapes and sizes. The majority are small and incremental ideas that help your brand. At HostIndia Events & Marketing, our Creatives Services team helps you build and nurture your brand, helps you sell more and helps to make your selling process a bit easier.

In the past many years, HostIndia has produced many extraordinary experiences and fresher Ideas in Events & Experiential Marketing campaigns, Product Launches, Creative Graphics, Corporate gifts and in Special Direct Mailers. Our clients find a touch of Freshness in our ideation and passion in everything we do.

HostIndia Events’ Creatives Services:

  • Creative Marketing Mailers /Promotional Direct Mailers
  • Personalised Corporate Gifts
  • Branding, Backdrops & Event Sets
  • Exhibition Stall/Booth Design and Interiors
  • Corporate Office Branding
  • Marketing Collaterals/ Digital Marketing Templates and Collaterals
  • Event & Marketing Communication Concept, Content & Creatives
  • Special Innovative Event Collaterals

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