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Mothers Day for Staff Nurses

In an Employee focussed program, HostIndia Events helped Columbia Asia Hospitals to celebrate the nostalgic Mothers’ day event at their work place.  

Staff nurses who generally stay away from their mothers but yet play the crucial role of providing motherly care for the in-patients were given this opportunity to celebrate. 

A backdrop was created and set up in the lobby area with a canvas for the Hospital Staff to drop a message for their Mothers by picking up a post-it and a marker placed right there. The Post-its were pasted on the backdrop. Selfies were taken in front of the Backdrop that had the image of a small Kid holding the hands of the mother.

The employees of the hospital remembered and re-collected their best of times with their Moms right at the lobby as they wrote a message filling the Quote “ MOM, you make the world a better place because…”

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