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OutThink DM for ThinkPad

In one of its early Innovative & Creative Direct Mailers, HostIndia Events came out with a rare Out-thinking DM for the world’s leading Laptop brand much to the appreciation of everyone in their Marketing and Sales teams.

The DM was expected to stress upon certain rare features that talk about the robust build of the Laptop such as Spill resistant Key Board, The stainless steel hinges which are built for 50% more open-close cycles, Heat resistant build, Dust resistant features so on and so forth.

The Direct mailer went a step ahead and provided 3D experience of Outthink Spills, Outthink Dust, Outthink Heat etc. The DM had actual water drops, moist and actual sand and others innovatively & creatively portrayed to communicate the message and all the features. It was in all an Experiential Direct Mailer one would have a look, feel, understand and appreciate the efforts behind the DM and the features of the Laptop.
Like a best-selling Novel, the DM was a big hit, more and more DMs were ordered, produced & dispatched to the customers and prospects.

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