HostIndia Events & Marketing Pvt. Limited, Bangalore, India was set up about two decades ago and today they are one of the top Event Management & Integrated Marketing services companies in India. Promoted and guided by Events and Media Industry professionals, HostIndia Events have the expertise to handle the best of the events and marketing programs across India & Overseas.

Decades of Customers Trust
HostIndia Events are known for their passion & idea driven Events, Innovative Integrated Marketing services, and very high ethical values. These characteristics have helped them retain the trust of their Corporate Clients and MNC Brands for decades. They simply trust HostIndia Events  when it comes to managing their Conferences, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Meeting Events, Activations, Lead Generation programs, Database-d, Digital and Experiential Marketing campaigns.
HostIndia Events has been associated with the events of the leading IT, Media, Healthcare, Trade promotion organisations and the MNC Brands. Their client retention span with the top clients is about 10 years on an average and the consultation has been at the highest level of the value chain.

Our Vision
To be among the premier Events & Integrated Marketing agencies of the world known for their Innovation, Implementation and ethical practises 

Its Ethics First 
For any business to be high on ethics, its leaders must demonstrate ethical practices in any situation. At HostIndia Events, the Leaders choose the path that is ethically correct, as opposed to the one that is purely gain driven. When the Integrity is rock solid at the top of the organization, it trickles down to all areas of work and its employees.

HostIndia as an ethical business entity adheres to the laws and regulations at all levels. It treats its Customers, Employees, and Vendors respectfully, communicating with them honestly. It demonstrates fair dealings, competitive pricing, timely payments and the highest quality standards in Service.

HostIndia Events as a business entity stays loyal to its partnerships even in challenging times. 

Social Responsibility
HostIndia Events respects its community and environment. Every year it engages in several camps in the community and helps give back to the society. HostIndia Events and its leaders work closely with Lions Clubs International, world’s largest Service organisation for the social responsibility bit.

HostIndia as a policy and practice discourages use of non-biodegradable badges, flex etc. for its events.

The Team
One thing that is common with the members of the HostIndia team since its inception, is their passion for those little new ideations and innovative things that add value to the event and their relentless endeavor to conquer customer delight at any cost.

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